Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well it won't be knit and blog today. I am off to work in about 45 minutes and not looking forward to it. I am a nurse in a long term care facility for mmrdd pediatrics and they are remodeling. They just opened a new floor and moved Pod H to it and closed Pods C and D (Pods are what we call the floors right now--names are to change when remodeling is done)The new floor is called Sienna Woods. Oh the adjustment to change. I am not good at it. They are moving the C and D kids to 3 other pods. My Pod will go from 25 kids to 30 kids and just one nurse. Ah well I am sure I will get through the night. Just a matter of adjustment right? Attitude and otherwise.) I am working on the gussett of the second sock. Also did about 5 rows on crocheted baby sweater--if I would just sit down and work on the blamed thing I could finish it, but I can't get away from those addictive socks. I'll bet you can guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!! We are doing a car show tomorrow if the weather is good--my husbands addiction--and of course a lawn chair and some kind of needlework will go with me!!! Well I hope that everyone has a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Did not know that they were remoldeling ( spelling?) and that is always a mess. glad you made it through the work day. Mom

Chris said...
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