Monday, April 19, 2010

Good News

Hi All--got good news from my radiologist today--I am cancer free. Now if I could get over this cold and quit coughing--LOL. He is going to schedule an MRI of the brain to check for mets. If there are mets of course they would be treated. If not he will do a preventative mild radiation to the brain. It is time to celebrate here. Love ya all and thx for all your thoughts and prayers. Happy Knitting

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happily Knitting

Well--I learned something new a coupla weeks ago. Fair Isle, Stranded knitting--and it is so so easy. I am already making my second pillow and hope to do some hats soon. The pattern is called October Fair Isle Pillow (Ravelry Link) from KateJacksonKnits. She is a designer on ravelry and owns my favorite LYS in Chardon, Ohio called Knitting on the Square. She is also published--but can't think of where right now. I know that Vogue knitting has published her, but not sure who else. KotS is the best little yarn shop I know where you can go and knit, knit, knit. I have made great friends there. And my Mom and daughter love to go also.

I knit about 20 Chemo hats and donated them to the Look Good Feel Better program for women that is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.The pattern can be found on this page by scrolling down. It is called the Saturday Afternoon Hat--and if you have ever made hats, you know they go pretty quickly. I made the 20 hats in 2 weeks.

I will not have any test results until next week. Happy Knitting.