Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make Some Lemonade

And when life gives you lemons--well then make some lemonade!!

Hi all--I have been trying to wait until I am not so tired to write this--but I don't think that day will be here for a while--so here goes. In case I haven't told you all--the lung cancer is in remission. That is a good thing. The MRI of the brain did not show any signs of cancer, but since small cell lung cancer almost always metastisis to the brain--we are going to start a course of preventative radiation to the brain. That will start today. It will be generalized--milder than if treating actual cancer--and only 15 sessions. Continued prayers will be appreciated. I guess that is why I am writing this today--because I know from past experience that the radiation will probably wipe me out. I figure the preventative radiation will be better than being told in a year or so that I have brain cancer--so I am going ahead with it.

Well--after the remission was announced and my blood counts were normalized I figured I could hug and shake hands with my friends. Now we all know that handwashing is the single most important means of preventing infection. So that was a big mistake on my part. I may be getting better--but my lungs are not yet healed. Within 2 weeks of shaking hands and hugging I caught a really bad cold--had it over Easter weekend. By April 29 I was in the hospital with a really bad case of pnuemonia. Was there till May 3. Came home on oxygen, inhalers, antiobiotics, prednisone--only 4 more days of the steroids--woohoo. I do not like that drug--but won't complain as I am breathing pretty well.

Lots of people tell me I look great--I work hard at that. But I don't want anyone to think this was a picnic. Cancer Treatment is very difficult. But I have a God who has given me the grace and the dignity to handle it well. I have been able to do it without whining--and that is really good for me. I have had the support of friends and family--and you know who you are. A wonderful husband--couldn't ask for a better one. And we are beating this thing. Happy knitting to all!!