Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Garage

This is my husband inside the garage dressed to work on one of his cars. This is a very small part of his garage. He has it all. A lift, parts washer, bead blaster, giant air compressor--you name it he has it!!! He has a parts bin upstairs. Well when you have five 56 Desotos, I guess you need all that. At one point he added on to the garage so we could park inside, but, you guessed it--he just bought more old cars to put in there. No plans to do much knitting or crocheting today. Have to clean and pack before vacation--and it finally cooled down enough to do that. I am putting the edging around the crocheted baby sweaters then need to do the sleeves and the hat--but that shouldn't take too long--looks like we might make it before the shower.And my second sock needs about 50 more rows--that counts the toe--and it will be done. Well you all have a great day.


Kelly said...

I think I may get my gift done before the shower, too. I am up to 15" and then I have to start forming the sleeves and such. I'm going to take it to the lake this weekend. Doug and I are going without kids :) :) :)

Chris said...

Have a ball

Anonymous said...

May you both have a ball, booties are all done and I am teen sitting this week end. Wish me luck MOM

Kelly said...

You will do great Gram :) I think they are going to a football game with John on Friday.

Jordan has to be at work at noon on Sat. so he'll prebowl. John is picking Isaac up for bowling.

Sunday is just church and Alli's party. Then we'll be home :)

All you have to do is read, watch tv, knit or crochet and nap :)