Friday, September 21, 2007


One last post before vacation. So this morning--off to the bank and the grocery store. Went to grocery to buy sub sandwiches to eat for lunch on the road--and of course spent $50 before leaving. The bacon we use was on sale--the ice tea mix we use was on sale--and you know how it goes. Then home to pack--out to dinner tonight. I will fix a light breakfast prior to leaving in the morning. I am all packed--my husband will probably finish packing after we get home tonight. I figure whatever I forgot--I will just do without. It is after all only a little over a week. Am planning to visit a yarn shop while we are down there called "Knitting Up A Storm." Am really heavy into yarn addiction at this time. Do have wrap sweater on the needles for my grandaughter--but am only taking socks to work on while away. Need something mindless. Well, won't post again until Oct. Will miss my one month blog anniversary--started blogging on Aug 23. Pic above is the sweater I am working on. Well Happy Knitting To All and to All A Good Week.

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