Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why No Blogging?

This is just to show you that there has been some knitting going on. There are very good reasons for mu total lack of blogging

I want you to know that I will not be closing my blog--as I wish to continue following all those I have been following. I feel I have developed a friendship and bond with all of my pretend friends--thank you so much for that.

I have been really ill--diagnosed with SIADH--which I do not really understand it--it has to do with ineffective anti diuretic hormone and my sodium dropped very very low and I was unable to function for 7 days.. I then spent 7 more days in the critical care unit to treat and find they cause.. And the cause was found. They found a lesion on my lower right lung--which is what they feel triggered the SIADH. It was biopsied and it is a small cell cancer. for now that is all we know. I will see an oncologist on Oct 12--have more testing to determine stage etc and then they will decide on treatment. I do know it is not operable.

I am not posting this for sympathy--but for lots and lots of prayers please--cuz I know they do work. I will do my best to keep you all posted. I am very accepting of my current status and plan to enjoy every day that I do feel well to the fullest and to do the best I can when I do not feel well. Please pray also for my 3 daughter's, my mom, and especially my special hubby who will bear the brunt of this. He is a great guy. That is all for now--and happy knitting.