Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Day

Had lunch today with my Mom, my three girls, and my grandaughter who just turned 5 Sat. Sept 8. Happy Birthday Alli. Above are pics of them all. Of course they are not current. The baby is 5 year old Alli. We went to Applebee's and the waiters and waitresses sang and clapped to her and she was sufficiently embarassed. The three girls were my girls in 1977. And the one at the gas pump mom is my Mom, circa????. We all had a really nice visit. After lunch my middle daughter and my grandaughter and I went to the shoe carnival and Alli's mom bought her a new pair of high heeled sandals. She is such a girly little girl. Then a Walmart run. Then I came back home to cook supper etc. It was a wonderful day. Thanks everyone for the great day!!!!


Kelly said...

It was an awesome day!!!! Thanks for suggesting it :)

Mollie said...

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Anonymous said...

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