Sunday, August 26, 2007

We will be riding in this car this morning. It is my favorite. I collect yarn, shoes, books, and nurses. My husband collects these cars. Since his collection is much more expensive, he doesn't say too much when I come home with another skein of yarn, a new book, shoes, or nurse figurine ::snort:: But believe me he worked a lot of overtime to afford these beauts. He calls it a white collar hobby on blue collar wages. He is now retired and gets to enjoy them He has five 56 Desotos. 2 Fireflites--an Adventurer (in the process of an off the frame restoration) and a Pace Car Convertible. Oh and a coupla junky parts cars hanging around. He says if they are all the same year that parts are interchangeable. Our pole barn is bigger than our house. Well I am off now. Have a great day.

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