Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well am home from my Sunday Morning running. I am so addicted to knitting socks. Finished a pair this morning while out and about and had a new pair started before we got home. I really need to quit and work on the baby sweater that I have to have done by Oct. 7. Went to a jewelry party this afternoon and bought a coupla pieces. Did not book a party however. I have only had one home party in the last 30 years--a pampered chef party for my daughter when she was selling it. I really hate to do those parties however--so I don't. Did do quite well when I had it though. Coupla people booked and sold $600 worth of merchandise--so got a lot of nice stuff. I would simply rather buy it. Well I am off again.


Kelly said...

What jewelry company, mom? I'm addicted to Lia Sophia! Will be having a party in Oct. Have to get through the PC party in Sept. first :)

She had a GREAT PC party!

Chris said...

Premier Designs jewelry. Nice stuff