Friday, August 24, 2007

These are just some of the socks that i have made. I have only 25 rows to rows to go on the foot of the second sock of the pair that I am making now--then decrease for the toe. I have a crocheted sweater set I have to finish by Oct. 7 for my daughter's baby shower. So much yarn--so little time!!! Also have to get invites in the mail etc. And leaving on vacation Sept. 22 to Oct 2. Life just gets busier and busier. And speaking of obsessive compulsive. As I said, I learned to knit socks in Nov of 06 and now officially have enough sock yarn to knit 43 more pairs of socks. I am not an addictive personality!! Now you all know why I still work part time. Somebody has to pay for all that yarn. My knitting and crocheting daughters love to come to my house for patterns. Have been crocheting for 38 years and knitting for 31 years and have amassed patterns you wouldn't believe. And also have crates and crates of yarn. Why my oldest daughter said the other day, "This is better than Hobby Lobby!" I of course also give them yarn when needed. You know how moms are. I have more yarn than I could work up in a life time. And since I married a pack rat, the clutter might as well be at my house ::snort:: Well as I have to work today I really must run--fix lunch etc. I work the 2:30 to 11 shift--have been doing it basically for 22 years and that is where my body clock is. Generally sleep till 8 or 9 every morning and when I can't I feel like crap. Yall have a great day, unless you have made other plans.

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Kelly said...

Mom, the socks look great! And visiting you is better than Hobby Lobby :)