Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Day

Nothing exciting happening today. Up and to the grocery store then the farm stand for corn and tomatoes. Gotta love summer food and feel very blessed to live in a farming community where the farm stand is just around the corner. I can't believe the corn and tomato season is almost over. Gotta enjoy it while it's here. Going to work in a few minutes. I picked up Friday, Saturday, and Monday (labor day) and supposed to be gorgeous weather all weekend. What am I--crazy??!! But can certainly use the money as Christmas is just around the corner. At least I am off Sunday. I have always wanted to journal but never had the discipline to sit down and write every day--and since I am on the computer often, this is perfect. Thx Kel (that is my daughter who talked me into this) So I hope to post something every day unless we are away. The weather today is gorgeous--mid 70' and sunny with low humidity. My kind of weather. My husband likes it a little warmer. He is working on closing the pool this weekend--so it is a good time to work and be out of his hair. Well you all have a great day unless you've made other plans. Pic of Pool


Kelly said...

Man, I can't believe the pool is closing already!!! This summer FLEW by!

What a cute picture of Smokey and Dave :)

Eileen said...

That looks inviting!

I was supposed to tell you when I first commented that I know your daughter from the Sonlight forums. :-) I am CoffeeBean there.

I am going to be adding links to other knitting blogs to my blog this weekend - I would love to add yours if that's okay - let me know!

Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Eileen please feel free to add my link. This is such fun. Thx Chris

Eileen said...

Hi Chris!

No you don't need to ask me if you can link to my blog. I would love it if you do! :-) I just thought I would ask you if it was okay to link to yours. I'm never sure what proper protocol for that is.

Cynthia said...

Lovely pool. We hope to have one some day.