Thursday, August 23, 2007

End of the Day

Well we are approaching the end of the day. I did a very little bit of knitting on my socks. Like 10 rows or so. Fed my hubby and I our favorite summer meal--bacon and tomato sandwiches and cor on the cob--nothing hare about that. Super hot and muggy. We have been fortunate to not get the rain that people south of us got. the flooding is horrendous. I work part time in a long term care facility for mmr/dd children. I am an LPN and have worked there almost 15 years. I am blessed to be able to work part time at this stage in my life--but I love my job. I will be working tomorrow. I am going to have to have my daughter show me how this blogger works. I did manage to get a coupla pics up. Bye for now. Chris


Kelly said...

She's also a great MOM! I guess she forgot to mention that :)

Chris said...

Thx Kel

Cynthia said...

Looks like you've managed to add LOTS Of things to your blog... sidebar links and all. WAY TO GO!
Cynthia - one of Kelly's SHS friends.