Monday, October 29, 2007

The Weekend

Wow did it get cold here last night. Not sure how cold, but it is 9:30 am and our thermometer reads 36 degrees now. The weather man said it could get down into the 20's BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Winter is coming!!!! Little Joey came home from the hospital on Friday and is doing really well. Poor little thing. Now, I am dating myself, but when I had my kids they made us stay in the hospital 5 days--and by then that jaundice thing was taken care of if there was a problem. His bilirubin came down and he gained back the weight he lost so all is well on the home front.

Mu husband took me on a suprise overnight stay Friday into Saturday. We stayed in a motel in Bolivar, Oh and spent the day lounging around the pool and in the hot tub, then we had dinner Friday night at the Atwood Lodge. It is a lovely area and a really nice restaurant. Saturday we did a little walking and shopping in Sugar Creek, Oh. Then we went to Walnut Creek, Oh and had lunch at the Der Dutcman Restaurant. Then we went to Kidron, Oh to Lehman's Hardware Store. This is a mammoth store that caters to the amish but draws lots of visitors from all over. Really a unique place to visit. Ohio really is a beautiful state. Well gotta run. Happy knitting to all.


JustApril said...

Glad to hear that little Joey is feeling better =) poor guy. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounded great, Just what you needed. Welcome home. MOM