Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I guess this is 1/2 a post--no pics ::snort:: Well I decided to take a break from knitting. Took car in for service and when picking it up saw a friend we have that works part time at the dealership. Had on a poncho I had madefor myself and she loved it--sooooooo--I am making her one. It is crocheted. It is listed on the crochet pattern central site (Poncho 1972) Sorry to lazy to put in the link--easy enough to find. I am making it out of woolease worsted wt. Rose Heather. Mine is out of Blush Heather. She picked the color. I love to crochet also--so this will be a nice quick project. It really is much faster than knitting--but I do love to knit and love the end result and the intricate things you can do with knitting. Knitting also uses much less yarn. Keeping really busy as usual. Decided to do some real needlework today instead of just reading about it on blogs. You just don't get much knitting done reading everyone elses blogs. Well happy knitting and crocheting to all.


Kelly said...

I love that poncho! Is it the one we always make?

I'm making great progress on the baby blanket. It is size 15 needles and 2 strands sport weight yarn. It is SO pretty and much easier than the bunting was!

I also started an afghan. I'm going to give it to Doug for his truck. All I had was blue yarn!!!!

oh, I got your message. I'll just keep looking for the yarn I want and make it eventually. I have scads of projects to keep me busy anyway LOL.

Love ya~

Chris said...

Yep that is the poncho.

Anonymous said...

Glad you two have found something to do. I am still thinking about it. Grandma and mom

NH Knitting Mama said...

Yes, my entire city would be wearing my knitwear if I took the time that I spend reading about knitting and instead actually KNIT! ha ha... I get so lost in blogland, but I just love it.

JustApril said...

I should totally learn to crochet, but I'm still trying to get over being traumatized by bad crochet in the 80's. =) I'll conquer it one of these days (but it's not first on my list these days! hahahaha too many issues to count, right?)

Mollie said...

Glad to hear you are "ambidextrous" with your skills. I tried to crochet a hair scrunchy and it felt so backwards I had to put it down. But enjoy!