Saturday, October 13, 2007

Socks Modeled

Well here they are on a model--ignore the old legs and just look at the socks ::snort:: This is the first time worn and I will wear them all day. I will think of Myrtle Beach as I wear them in this lovely 50 degree weather--and I do like 50 degree weather very much!!! The last coupla days I have been visiting a blog called the Brownberry Chronicles. She has posed some very interersting questions. She also mentioned a yarn diet. I ask now what is a yarn diet. I tried one once. On Jan. 1, 2005 I made a resolution to not buy any more yarn until I used up what I have. Bought yarn by Jan. 4, 2005. That is my idea of a yarn diet. I have more yarn than I will ever knit up or crochet up in a lifetime. I have a friend who says, "He who dies with the most yarn wins." I have crates & crates of yarn and then some and crates and crates of patterns. My daughter once said that my yarn room is better than the Hobby Lobby (may have said this before--creeping senility). I have all the knitting needles--crochet hooks and accessories one could ever want. Now if I could just quit blogging and get off this danged computer--I could make use of all this wonderful stuff. I love reading other blogs and will continue to search around I am sure. Just another addiction. Happy knitting to all.


NH Knitting Mama said...

The Brownberry Chonicles is an awesome blog. Marce is an incredible knitter, and buys her yarn wisely. Worth bookmarking her site, for sure.

JustApril said...

Very nice! I love the self striping stuff.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, Old Legs, I hold that title in the family. I love the socks MOM