Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed In

It's official. We are not going anywhere. It is 3:55 pm and it is still snowing. Hubby is cleaning off cars in an attempt to move them so plower can do first plowing--drive will probably need plowed again. We have over a foot of snow here. And supposedly--spring is just around the corner. Can't wait.


Kelly said...

Awesome pictures mom!!! We have that much, too! Doug and the boys and my FIL went to Akron today for a bowling tournament YIKES!!! There were about 50 of them that went. Crazy people!!

Anonymous said...

One thing about snow is that it is always beautiful, until you have to go out in it that is. grndmb

JustApril said...

That's a bunch =) Really pretty, even if it is too much work!