Monday, March 10, 2008

Eye Candy

Just a little eye candy for ya. Little Joey will be 5 months old on the 19th. The trio is Little Joey, his big brother Ian, and my baby daughter Andi--Joey's mom. Big bro Nathanial was upstairs on the computer and Dad and Ashly were not home. Got to have lunch out today with my mom, daughter and little Joey. We had a great time. I am finally well enough for some quality family time. Not sure what I had, but it sure did kick my you know what. Little Joey is sure growing up fast--cooing, laughing rolling over. And he sure likes to be held--while you are standing--maybe just a wee bit spoiled. Happy knitting to all.


JustApril said...

Cutie patootie! Cute girlies, too =) I think all babies love to be held while you are standing =) all of mine did, anyway. It's the best, after all, isn't it? lol

Gnat said... cute!!

Grace Yaskovic said...

what an adorable family photo, the baby is precious!