Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter is here

I work on a PRN basis (as needed) and pretty much pick up when I want to work, and I swear on my Bible that I always seem to pick up the worst weather days to work. I guess I shoudn't complain as I only live 3 1/2 miles from work. The trip in at 2 pm was when the snow really started and the winds picked up and I could barely see. And all the snow came while I was there--probably about 6 to 8"--knee high when I cleaned off my car to come home. My 5 minute drive took 15 minutes d/t drifting--I live very country. The pic of my car is what we got after 11pm last night, and I had already cleaned off the 6-8" the night before. The geese on our lake are waking up--they were sleeping there when I got up--was not dressed yet to take pics. I also saw 5 wild turkeys streaming their way behind our pole barn. Last year I counted 78 turkeys and quit counting. Country living definitely allows you to see a lot of wildlife. It is gorgeous--but how I hate driving in it. But, Thank God, I got home safe and sound to a nice warm house that I know some people do not even have--and I drove in a nice warm dependable car. How grateful I should be. The pics of the lake are from my driveway and back porch. The flag pole is in the front yard from the driveway. Happy winter and happy knitting.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, you got a lot of snow, too!

I like the pics you added on the side. I really like to see pics of my online friends - helps to bring people closer together.

JustApril said...

Pretty pics! I don't think we'll ever sport that much snow at once. (Now that I said that, we will)