Friday, December 28, 2007


What a quick knit. Another pair of fetching from Knitty. My 16 year old grandaughter snagged the first pair I made--so I made another pair. These only took about 5 hours to make the whole pair. Definitely a great last minute gift idea. Happy Knitting. By the way--you can see the 16 year old grandaughter in the pic below.


Kelly said...

I am at the waste yarn on my first fetching and am SO confused! I'm going to call you and let you explain it to me over the phone.

Also the cable cast on for the pecot bind off has me baffled, too!

But they are FUN! And I did the cables and they are so quick! If I could just figure out the last little bit I could start the second one.

Cay wants a pair, so maybe I'll make some for her??

NH Knitting Mama said...

Nice fetching! They look warm.

Amanda said...

I love the Fetching pattern. Your Fetchings are so nice looking! I'm going to have to make some too.