Monday, December 3, 2007

A Week Gone By

A little eye candy for ya. He keeps getting bigger and cuter all the time. They are just too sweet when they are little.
Had a really busy week last week. Realized on Tuesday that I was going away for the weekend to a spiritual retreat that I forgot all about--so rushed around getting ready to go. Thought about not going, but it was already paid for. Went Wed. and with my middle daughter and got to baby sit the baby while his mom went to the library. She only stayed gone about 1/2 hr. or 45 minutes then came back and we all had a nice visit. Thursday did laundry and packed for the weekend. Went on the weekend which was really much needed. The time away from phones, TV, etc did me good. Some people actually brought their laptops. I don't know about you--but 3 days away from all of that was really great. I did, though, finish a sock while I was there--so I guess I can't say too much. But it is so easy to knit and listen to the speakers at the same time. It actually helps keep me focused.
Christmas sure is creeping up fast. Need to do my Christmas shopping--don't know why--but I just cannot seem to get into it this year.
We are getting some nasty weather right now--but the reports I hear and the blogs I read tell me that to the the west of us and to the east of us it is much worse--so I will not complain. Winter isn't my favorite time of year as I get older. I never used to mind it, but the cold really gets to my old bones anymore. So I stay indoors as much as I can and dress warm.
Happy knitting.