Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

Well Lucy #6 is done and lined--she is the dark gray one with the plaid lining. My DH says that plaid is his favorite color. She is for my step daughter #1. The brown one I have posted before--but she is finally lined--with kitties--step dautghter #2 loves kitties. Hope they like them. If they don't, ah well, they are getting them anyhow.

I have seen lots of memes etc that I have wanted to do, but time constraints have not allowed that. I truly hope that everyone has a great holiday season and Happy Knitting.


Annie said...

Hi Chris -
Love your blog - led me the Cutest Blog site (LOVE IT!) One of these days I will get around to knitting the Lucy bag that I had planned to knit more than a year ago! Happy knitting!

smariek said...

Very cute fabric you used to line the bag! Love it!

Dana said...

Happy Holidays!! The bags are really beautiful. If your step daughters don't want them, send them to me!!!! Hope the snow is gone for you all now. We had rain and was in the 60's this week, but it is in the 30's now here!! Have a great Christmas!!!