Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Coupla Finished Objects

The Socks are a modification of the 56 stitch 56 row socks from Chic Knits which can be found here. The yarn is Knit Picks Essential in Tucson Multi Colorway.

The afghan is finally finished in time for Joe Joe's second Christmas All my grandchildren have one of these-there fore this is the 10th one I have made. The yarn is Caron Perfect Match--the color is Country Basket Ombre. The border is Red Heart Supersaver in Country Blue. The pattern can be purchased here.

I still have one Lucy bag to finish--like ten more rows and the handles and felting. That will leave me 2 more Lucy Bags to line and Christmas knitting will be done. I would like to do more, but am calling it quits. Hope to knit a coupla sweaters for me after the new year. Happy Knitting.


Grace said...

thanks for the versary wishes, the knitting looks great and the new blog looks really fine!

smariek said...

Yay! Looks like you're going to finish before Christmas! I've come up with 2 deadlines for Christmas. First deadline is to finish mitts for my FIL and for a friend. If I meet that deadline, then I'll think about making 3 pairs of mitts, one for each of DD's daycare teachers; otherwise I'll fall back on some backup gift for them.

JustApril said...

Nice afghan pattern, what a good idea for grandkids! Great socks, too. I'm feeling the need for more me socks. But I'd better finish the kid socks first =)