Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally Some Knitting

The pattern for the white Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth can be found here It is as easy as the petal dishcloth and goes just as fast. It was knitted with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton on size 8 needles. I think the next time I make it I will use a 6 or 7. The Red White and Blue petal dishcloth pattern can be found here. It is made with Lily Sugar'N Cream cotton color American Stripes. And last but not least is another Irish Hiking Scarf--the pattern can be found here It is made from Caron Simply Soft Gray Heather. This is the second one I have made and I have another one on the needles. I really like this scarf and it is very easy to make. So you see there is a little knitting going on. I found out I have tendonitis in my shoulder. and with some excercises it is improving. Thank goodness it was nothing major. I don't really want any joint surgeries. Dave's cardioversion did not work--but for a coupla days, so there will be much more doctoring going on. We get the results of his sleep study Friday. Well happy knitting to all.


Dana said...

Chris, Happy belated birthday and I am praying that your husband will be ok. I can feel your pain as I went thru that with my husband. He will be going for the "burn" in a few months, so I hope that will work better for him. He has been thru so much! I hope your shoulder gets ok. take care and take care of both of you!!
Also, Love the pieces you knitted and the photo of Joe Joe..what a cutie!!

Crystal said...

I'm just getting around to checking blogs! Been busy at work. Sorry to hear the cardioversion didn't last. Hopefully they'll get it figured out without too much invasion going on! :) Ya'll are in my thoughts!

Happy belated birthday!

smariek said...

Just found a moment to catch up with blogs...

I'm sorry to hear that the cardioversion was not successful. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. This has not been a good time for you, surely it must get better soon.

Happy Birthday!!!

Joe Joe must be having fun cruising the furniture! They do grow up too fast.