Friday, February 1, 2008

Why no blog.

Long time no blog. Sorry no pics today. First time this week I have really been in front of the computer. I went to visit with my family on Monday and really had a great day. Had lunch with my mom, my middle daughter and her 5 year old daughter. It was great. Then we all trekked over to see youngest daughter and of course little Joey. And of course I forgot my camera. He is really growing fast--as they do. My eyes for some reason were super light sensitive--and they remained that way Tuesday. I had appt. with my opthamologist Wed. to have my annual diabetic retina check up and when I got up Wed. morning my right eye was bloodshot watery and hurting. The good news is it is not an infection--but an abrasion of some sort--who knows why. Had to call off work Thurs. It is improving slowly and hopefully I can work Sat. If not there is always Monday. I cannot believe how miserable you can feel when an eye hurts. And how light sensitive both eyes are because of one eye. This is the first day I have been able to do much of anything on the computer. Lots of catching up to do. I have knitted a few more dishcloths. Have the wrap sweater that I started for my 5 year old grandaughter on the run. I can at least knit in dim light. Will take pics later--hopefully finished and with a model. I have been trying to knit a lace scarf with some Knitpicks risata I have in my stash but have frogged it about 8 times--I figure God is telling me to finish the sweater beore spring gets here and she can still wear it. Finally got Megans hat in the mail to Amanda. I am sure she will get a bunch of really nice hats. Hope that they help to cheer her up. Also got some yarn from Amanda's Etsy Shop and I love what I got. Probably will make scarves from both skeins. One is Smoke fingering wt. and one is Bluey blues double knit wt. Really nice yarn. You can visit her etsy shop here. Well happy knitting to all.


Grace Yaskovic said...

I have some beautiful blue from amanda's shop too!! I think a scarf will be what it is used for

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Chris! I have missed you this week.

So glad you like your yarn, and I really appreciate your business. All of the support is so awesome to me, as it brings me one step closer to the dream of being able to stay home and homeschool my boy!

I hope your eyes feel 100% soon. I work in a diabetes clinic, so I really feel for the people that are having the eye issues.

JustApril said...

Sorry about your eyes, that stinks, hope you are all healed real soon, tho. =) Look forward to seeing your new projects, as soon as your eyes feel like camera stuff, of course. Take care!

Anonymous said...

You did not say your eyes were bothering you. Hope you feel much better. Let me know. Love grndmb12

Eileen said...

I hope your eyes are better soon! As small as they are compared to other parts of the body, when your eyes hurt, or a tooth hurts, it takes over your life!

I'm glad you can still knit a little.