Monday, February 4, 2008

You Make My Day

GraceY honored me with this YOU MAKE MY DAY award. She has a really great blog so wander on over and see her.

The rules say I am to bestow this on 10 others. So here goes.

1. This is my daughter one of the loves of my life.

2. One of the sweetest gals I've met in the blog community. Keep on trudgin April

3. Gnat will be getting married soon. Shares so much with all of us. Thx Gnat

4. Met this one through my daughter's blog. She was one of the first to comment on my new blog in August. She is also a new knitter and doing very well. She is also a N-E-W Knitter--meaning northeast Wisconsin.

5. Amanda has a little boy and a new baby girl. Her knitting is beautiful--though I wonder how she finds time to knit and spin. Gotta go visit her too.

6. Jane is a lovely school teacher who knits. She has some very athletic grandchildren and always brightens my day.

7. Sue here knits and quilts--has had a rough winter--and is planning a wedding with her daughter. What great fun.

8. Leslie knits some beautiful items and very quickly I might add. You should visit her flicker site. She is also a great photographer.

9. I love visiting this blog. There are lots and lots of great hat and scarf patterns that she has designed. If you are really into knitting this is a great place to go.

10. Tienne has a really pretty knitting site and lots of links to other blogs--of course all the blogs have lots of links to other blogs. Tienne's knitting is beautiful and she knits lots of great stuff for her family. Love to read her blog.

Now there are many of you who I read who have already received this award--so please don't think I skipped you--I didn't. I also read many other blogs but there isn't time or room to list them all. And after all the rules say 10. So go visit my friends I listed and have a great day. Happy Knitting.


Gnat said...

Thank you so much for this award!! :) I'm glad you are enjoying my wedding posts. Hope you are having a great day!!

JustApril said...

Thanks Chris =) I think you are a sweetie, too!

tiennie said...

Thanks so much! You're very kind!

Amanda said...

Some how I seem to have commented in the wrong spot for the award so I will comment on your sweater up here. ( It's been a long day and it isn't even noon yet)

The sweater is beautiful and a lovley color! What a lucky grandaughter.