Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knitting Socks

Well--now that the cascade socks are finished I have another pair half done. Much faster when you like what you are knitting. No pics as they will be a surprise for someone--pics will follow after Christmas. Still having back and leg pain--but am going to try and work today. I am sure that by 11:30 tonight I will be sorry I did this--but who knows--maybe it will help. I do have a Dr.'s appt. Tuesday--so maybe we can find the cause of this. I have been considering a chiropractor, but figure I better make sure of the extent of the injury first. I am not a great believer in chiropractors due to the stretching they do and wonder if this is good in the long term. My step daughter uses one regularly. Well we had a big surprise party for my husband last night at an amish restaurant. My stepdaughter planned it all and did a great job. It was great. He didn't have a clue. Just thought his daughter was taking him out to dinner like she does every year. He was absolutely dumbfounded!!! As I said it was great--a real hoot!!!!! It isn't everyday you turn 70. Well gotta run and get ready for work. Happy knitting to all.

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