Friday, November 2, 2007

Cascade Fixation Socks

One down and one to go. Actually, the second sock is about half done. I am making these for my aunt who is allergic to wool-acrylic-etc. I don't particularly like working with this yarn and was going to abandon these socks and make her a cotton scarf--but decided to finish them after all. Everyone does need at least one pair of hand knit socks, right??? I sprained my back sometime between Wed. and Thurs.--not real sure how, but have been in quite a bit of pain the last 2 days---hopefully will feel better tomorrow. Called off work today--which I rarely do--but kind of hard to be a nurse when you can't even walk. Have not gotten any knitting done the last 2 days. Ah well. My husband actually fixed supper last nite--weiners and beans--but at least I didn't have to cook it. Happy knitting to all.


Kelly said...

Mom! I LOVE that sock pattern. Maybe I want to learn to knit socks with that pattern :)

I'm working on dishcloths for my new kitchen. I need to find more colors. I did the ball band pattern one and am going to make 2 solid colored ones.

I hope you're feeling better. What is your work schedule next week?

Eileen said...

Sorry about your back! I frequently have back "issues" so I feel your pain.

Love the socks!

Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to make the socks afterall. Sorry to hear about your back. Take care of yourself and let me know how you do. love the socks also. Love, Mom