Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yes--Some Knitting

The little bag is made from a pattern called The Gelato Bag by Fiber Trends. It is made from Paton's SWS Color Natural Denim. The striping is very subtle, but it is there. Ravelry Link

The sweater is called Mandarin Jacket from the book Knitting Simple Jackets. It is made from Cascade Ecological Wool color #9451 a green heather. Ravelry Link.

So between not feeling too well there is knitting getting done. I also knitted a few things I gifted before taking pics, alas.

My chemo was postponed till next week d/t low blood counts, but things are looking good. Happy knitting to all.


Gayle said...

Oh Chris, the Jacket is beautiful. It looks so nice on you. I will have to check out this pattern. The bag is wonderful. I don't know if I could fit all my junk in it though. LOL I do hope you are feeling better. You are contiually in my prayers.
Love, Gayle

Grace said...

glad to see you are knitting your projects are wonderful

Eileen said...

The sweater is beautiful! Glad you are getting some knitting done - hope you are feeling better. So sorry for all you're going through.

KnittySue said...

Chris the sweater and bag are so pretty, I'm glad your feeling well enough to knit.
Take care..

Anonymous said...

the sweater is very pretty but the lady wearing it is gorgeous!! ( did I spell that right?)