Monday, January 4, 2010


I know, I know--it has been way too long since I updated. So--here goes. December was not a good month. I got radiation twice a day for 3 1/2 weeks--Nov and Dec. Went to the hospital twice with really low blood counts and dehydration. One was a 4 day stay and one was a 1 day stay. Radiation is done and I am doing much better now. I have only 2 rounds of chemo left to do. For now, things are looking good--but will not know for sure how effective everything is until after the chemo is done and they do another CT Scan. Please keep up all the thoughts and prayers. They continue to work. And thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers. BTW--the holidays were great!

We are getting way too much snow--right now we have about 2 feet on the ground with tons more expected by the end of the week. And it is cold, cold, cold. And I am getting some knitting done--will post about it later. Some were gifted before I took pics. Happy knitting.


Kathy said...


Happy Knitting to you. May this new decade be full of health and joy for you. It's time!

vicki said...

I just want you to know that admire you for blogging about your cancer and your treatments. I am touched by your determinations and strengths. I am also thrilled to know that knitting is helping you to get through this difficult journey - knitting and the prayers of your friends and family. My prayers will also be for your healing and recovery. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and to post a note in my knitted birds nest and knitting needle give away. God Bless you in this journey---


kadezmom said...

Chris - you are totally right. Thanks so much for leaving that comment on my blog. LIfe is amazing and today is a gift I'm glad to have. I'm hoping things have gone smoother since this update, and if not, I hope you can find your glimmer in the small moments. BTW, someday I want to know about your wig. My hair is commiting suicide by the day. There is only so many ways you can style a select number of hairs!! :D. Love ya and will pray.

Shelly (kadezmom)