Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

The black and white puppy was our Smokey who passed on July 5, 2005. He was part Jack Russell. We really miss him. But he loved corn on the cob.

The brown and white puppy is our Jill, we call her our Jill Russell. She is 2 years old and we got her in March. And guess what she likes--you got it--corn on the cob!!

Don't know if dogs on Thursday is a group you belong to or just what some people post. You can let me know Natalie.
Just thought you all might enjoy this post. Have a great day!!

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Dana said...

That is so cute..both dogs. I love dogs!! Bear(my lab/sheppard) also loves the corn on the cob, but I think he enjoys the cob better than the corn!! have a great weekend!!