Friday, April 18, 2008

And Life Goes On

No pics to post. Just thought I'd let you all know why I have been busy. My husband was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation this past week--so we have been running. Dr.'s, labs, etc. He has been getting extremely fatigued and short of breath for weeks now with any kind of exertion--and he finally--yes finally--went to the Dr.'s. He thought the whole thing was respiratory and here it was cardiac. We had to get a new family doc a few years ago--and I really like the one we got--but now I really really like him. He spent 2 hours with my husband at a squeeze in appt. on Wed. in his office. Called his cardiologist etc. Had my husband walking up and down the hall monitoring his pulse, pulse ox etc. Increased his cardizem dose and started him on coumadin--yuck. He has an appt. with the cardiologist next Thursday. He also switched to another cardiologist--he switched to mine--and I like him so much better than his. Mine is so willing to spend time with you when needed and is so very thorough. I know this is confusing but I used to go to his--and it was just you're fine--see ya in a year. and all the while my blood pressure was climbing. Dr. Joe over the last 2 years has weaned me off some meds, changed some, and my numbers have not looked so good in quite a few years. Oh yeah, I had 2 teeth pulled today. So it has been fun fun fun over here. Not complaining, just very grateful that I can see God taking care of things. I have been posting my stash over on ravelry and got a little knitting done on the feather and fan stole. It is almost finished--needs to be done by May 16 and I am reasonably sure that it will be. Well life goes on, the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and that is just the way it is. So I hope you all have a good day and hope to do a post with pics next week. Happy knitting to all.


JustApril said...

oh scary, eeee

I'm glad y'all switched Dr's! What is up with these guys that just skim over the stuff and don't actually do the job? Why be in that profession if you are that burnt out? I don't understand.

big hugs and kisses and lot's of prayers

Home Theater said...
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Eileen said...

I'm sorry about your husband's heart. Mine has a congenital heart defect (leaky aortic valve) so I know all about these things. :-( My dad had a heart attack 4 weeks ago also.

I also know all about tooth problems! I have numerous fillings, root canals, and crowns and am in the process of getting a implant. I had a tooth pulled last summer (my first time experiencing that, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be) and have the implant part done, just need the crown in a few months. I hope you are not in any pain!

I hope you are still able to have a nice weekend. God bless,


Grace Yaskovic said...

keeping all of you in my prayers!!!

Dana said...

I hope your husband is better soon. My husband has the same thing, he is 46. He has had the 'shock therapy' to his heart(used the paddles to get it back into rythum), and now is supposed to get the burn (cortirize) done on his heart. He is also doing chelation therapy and he swears that has worked better for him. He has been shocked twice and his heartbeat always goes back to afib!! I enjoy your blog and have sent a meme to you over on my blog..check it out if you have time.I will say a prayer for you and your husband.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I am a heart patient, and suffer from Ventricular Tachycardia - same kind of heart issue as Atrial Fibrillation. Email me if you have questions - I understand a lot about this stuff and work in a heart clinic. Reach out if you need to.