Saturday, January 19, 2008

Family Day

Well--went to my baby daughter's on Thursday. She was 35 on Tuesday so we were celebrating her birthday. My mom was the only other person who could come, so I didn't get to see all my children. We did really have a nice day. Andi cannot eat dairy-d/t allergies by Lil Joey. So I didn't buy her a cake, but a cherry pie instead. Due to heavy work schedule this week, and exhaustion, did not have time to bake.
Lil Joey turns 3 months old today. He sure is getting big. He is cooing and smiling and oh so cute...He is also very spoiled-as babies should be. I can't believe the age of my baby--and wonder where all the years went.
Not much knitting content. I am knitting a hat for Megan Read the post for Sun. Jan 13 to see about this on NHknitting mama's blog. I hope to finish it later today after I do some cleaning. Happy Knitting


JustApril said...

I'm so glad Joey is doing so well. He is SO cute =)

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, Joey is getting so big! I'm glad you're enjoying some family time.