Tuesday, July 7, 2009

some knitting and crocheting

Hi everyone--it isn't that I have lost interest in blogging--life has just been very very busy this year. with weddings, graduations, showers, open houses, doctors, etc. What more can I say. DH is going the 22 of this month for testing of his heart function to see if he is a candidate for an implanted defibrillator and pace maker--let's all keep our fingers crossed. I had 2 grandkids graduate high school this year--so hard to believe. Where has the time gone. And DH's grandson is getting married the 26th of this month. Going to try to post more often, but with all that is going on--no promises.

I have made about 16 of the necklaces in the pic above. They are truly instant gratification knitting and are lots of fun. They can be found in the 101 Designers One Skein Wonders book. Ravelry link.

The afghan is a wedding gift for Dave's grandson and the bride to be. Ravelry link I made it with leftover acrylic yarns. Please don't moan--it will get a lot of use and many washings I am sure--so acrylic is the way to go.

So until the next time--Happy Knitting!!


smariek said...

That is a lovely wedding gift. Nothing wrong with acrylic, there's always a place for it, and I'm sure the afghan will get more use because of the easy care.

You cranked out a lot of necklaces. Does this mean all your Christmas knitting is done? :-)

Kathy said...

THere is a good place for acrylics. I am knitting a prayer lap shawl for my father. He spills absolutely everything on everything. Acrylic is the way to go when I knit something for him.

The necklaces are wonderful. My friend Karen took a class and has made several. THe are so lovely.
I like the colors you choose to show.

Enjoy all the family events. Even if you tucker out!

JustApril said...

Pretty stuff! It's not always easy to keep up with reality and blogging. =) Reality comes first.

" Knitting Needle Sizes" said...

Wow! That would be a wonderful gift, I'm sure they will like it. I like colors of the afghan and the pattern also. Nice necklace too, you're so talented in knitting great stuffs like these. You are so blessed, thanks for this great post!