Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi Everyone

Doing lots of Christmas knitting. Trying to clean house today and hope to get most of it done. My mom is coming tomorrow to go knitting with me a KotS A really nice little knitting shop in Chardon, Ohio. We have been going about 2 times a month for a coupla months now and we both really enjoy it. Am doing lots of Christmas knitting. I am making my 5th Lucy Bag. Am making a coupla alligator scarves from Morehouse Farms. Pics will follow at a future date--I promise. Hope that everyone out there in blogland is doing well. happy knitting.


Shelly said...

Yay Chris! Can't wait to see you and Minnie! ~Shelly

smariek said...

Cute cartoon. I'm feeling the Christmas knitting pressure too. Looking forward to seeing photos.