Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom Time

I would say that is plenty--you get the picture. No pun intended. Friday night was really exciting. First grandchild off to the prom. Actually she is the second grandchild, but the first one going to the prom. Is she or is she not gorgeous. Pics with baby brother--parents--and of course boyfriend.


Jane said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!
What a beautiful dress - and the shawl was perfect with it. I bet she is a great help with that baby brother!

Kelly said...

I've been checking for pictures. Thanks for posting them.

We didn't make it over Friday night. Didn't make it to the cabin either. Weather is yucky, but supposed to be warm next weekend. Hopefully Friday is nice for Allen's bday party :)

Love ya~Kel

Dana said...

Your granddaughter looked beautiful and her dress is gorgeous, so is the shawl that you made her!! gREAT PICTURES!!